Coffee Sessions at IC

I want to take this moment to offer a sort of “IC Sponsored” post and it’s for something that I really think can help international full degree students here at AU. International full degree students are in an interesting position within the administration of Aarhus University. Although we are, in essence, international students (people who … More Coffee Sessions at IC

Bob Dylan once wrote “The times, they are a-changin.”

Now that things have calmed a little, I will give a little introduction to myself, as the hey you, AU blog is going through a little change. Now that Jessica has gone off to join the adults in that thing called “real life”, I’m left as the last student assistant standing to take over as … More Bob Dylan once wrote “The times, they are a-changin.”

Favorite Hang outs

Hello and welcome to all the new full degree students trickling into this city from all parts of the world! In honor of your arrival, the International Extraordinaire thought we’d give you a handy little list that you won’t find in any arrival guide. When the International Extraordinaire isn’t sitting at a hand-carved oak desk, … More Favorite Hang outs

Cycling in Denmark – Yeah, it’s real

This article on the Time’s Ecocentric blog┬árecently popped up on my Facebook newsfeed and caught my attention. I mean, it’s not everyday that Denmark makes it into the news without it being some average piece on politics or business. This time, it seems like Denmark’s penchant for cycling has yet again made world news! The … More Cycling in Denmark – Yeah, it’s real