How not to be homeless

homelessness is no joke (neither is narcolepsy)

We want to make it very clear from the start and let you know that in all honesty, HOUSING IS HARD TO FIND.

We won’t say impossible, but it very nearly is impossible to find housing in less than a month (and worse when arriving in August or January for the beginning of the semester), so if you’re expecting to arrive in Aarhus, stay in a hostel for a couple weeks while you search for housing, find housing and live happily ever after, you will be sadly disappointed.

Yes, it’s true, even the Danish students are scrambling to find a place to live. The difference is, they know their way around, they know what they are dealing with, and they can stay at mommy and daddy’s while they search, not to mention they can navigate all the Danish language housing websites! So we’ve put together this housing guide to help give you a fair chance at finding somewhere to rest you head. The various subpages will tackle the different issues surrounding everything you need to know about housing in Aarhus, from tips on how to most effectively use the house-hunting websites to what exactly your bills mean.