Ingerslev Boulevard

Happy Spring, everyone! And no, I’m not early. In fact, I’m late because Denmark follows the meteorological calendar, meaning spring started on March 1. Of course, it doesn’t look a whole lot like spring outside…  I’m loving the snow, but I am also looking forward to warmer weather. Spring means a better selection of fresh … More Ingerslev Boulevard

A very European weekend (don’t tell the Europeans!)

Hello hey you, AU – Aarhus calling! This weekend is the finale of the Eurovision Song Contest! Woohoo! Hurrah! Huzzah hurray! Even for those like me who don’t have cable, I’m sure there is some sort of viewing party set up somewhere where tons of non-Danes will flock to watch on a big screen (or … More A very European weekend (don’t tell the Europeans!)

Kapsejlads 2012!

Trust AU to come up with a sporting event that lasts all day and revolves heavily around drinking, athleticism and occasional nudity! Today is Kapsejlads 2012 and if you are in Aarhus on this fine sunny day* you must make sure to check it out! Around 12,000 people have descended upon the University park to watch a … More Kapsejlads 2012!