About this blog

This blog is written by international students at Aarhus University. All of them are here to study a full degree either at Bachelor’s or Master’s level. Some of them have just moved here, while others have been here for a few years.

They all have one thing in common – Denmark and studying at Aarhus University is pretty new to them, so along the way they have decided to share their ups and downs, peculiar views on Danes, new interests and great events that comes with being a student here.

Originally this blog was made by a few international student assistants, all working at the International Centre at Aarhus University. Now they have all graduated and gone separate ways, so new students have taken over.

You are more than welcome to subscribe to this blog. That can be done to the right.

This project is run in conjunction with the International Centre but provides an honest and personal account of life here at AU, and in no way represents the opinions of the University or the IC. Just so you knowPlease don’t sue us.

12 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hi there,
    You might get this question a lot. I and my girlfriend are hoping to start masters at Aarhus next academic year. Could you please advice is it difficult to find a part time job for international with only English language while studying ? Any advice would help on where and how to look for a job. Thank you

  2. hey you!
    i wanted to ask, if by any chance you know somebody who does a master in anthropology in aarhus..? i’m chosing the place to do my master right now and aarhus in an option. would be great to talk to somebody who can give me an insight;) i got the advice to try it in this blog on the facebook page of the international centre..
    thanks for your help! alexandra

      1. hey!
        sorry for the late answer! thanks a lot, that would be awesome! it doesn’t actually matter to me if an international or danish student.

      2. Hello again Alexandra!
        I’m sorry to say that so far we have failed you. We aren’t from that department and apparently have not crossed paths with anyone from anthropology. Have you tried contacting the department’s administration? They should have an international student counsellor who could put you in contact with a student.
        In any case, I stand ready for 100 lashings as punishment of my failures -_-

      3. oh don’t worry! it’s too bad, but can’t be changed, if those anthropologists are so unsocial..;p i’ll try at the department, thanks for the advice! i’m not that into lashings, hope you find another way to cope with your guilt;) thanks anyway for your help!

  3. Hi there Marcia
    I love this blog! you are so clever!
    I am wondering if its possible for old people like me to get into Arhus uni – the social life sounds great. As you know Im very old but still have a few brain cells -Im from Uk originally and spent last 20 something years in Australia doing social work. Ive got a couple of Bachelors degrees in social science and social work and started masters. Would prefer to do something sociological and at masters level not social work any more. Would I get any form of finance?? and are there any other really old people there or just bright young things?

    Cath Scott in Oz

    1. Thanks very much Cath, although I think you may be a bit biased (dear readers, this is my Australian aunt talking from so very far away :)). Also, my colleague Jessica is one half of the amazing international extraordinaire.

      Well, to answer your question, as someone with an EU passport, you can study for free at Aarhus University, but it’s unlikely you will get funding as the funding tends to come in the way of the free education :). However, I do know a few non-EUs who get scholarships so perhaps if you played your Australian card right, you might be lucky….

      There are people of all ages studying here and we definitely have a few people on our course who aren’t in their 20s, so you wouldn’t be too old at all! There’s a variety of Masters which you can find at http://kandidat.au.dk/en/, and off the top of my head they have a very strong international studies Master’s programme which you can tailor to your social science interests. Happy programme hunting!

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