About the blog

The International Extraordinaire is just like you! Its only desire (apart from cake) is to help its fellow full degree comrades find their way through the depths of Denmark and Aarhus University. So behind the eccentric facade of wisdom and sarcasm is the real deal: an international student who has many a tale to tell. Therefore, if you want to know a little bit more about your omnipotent host of Hey you, AU!, then read below to find out what lies behind the mask…


Update (for those who are frequent visitors of this blog): First there were two, then there was one… and then there was another one… then there was NO ONE for awhile! But then he came back just to say goodbye. This blog is moving on to bigger things and leaving the two original International Extraordinaires and the International Extraordinaire2.0 behind. We hereby honor past International Extraordinaires Jessica Navarro, Marcia Allison, and Michael Woodward who no longer write for this blog.