Aarhus – where to shop, how to get around or what apps to download

Life in the lockdown is not easy. Neither is the life in the quarantine. But you have chosen a right place to be – Aarhus is a wonderful town with plenty of opportunities for every taste, peaceful parks, cosy and hip cafes, board games cafes and of course the sea! Here are some tips on how to get around in the new country in the first weeks of your stay.


What about groceries and food?

There are a lot of different shops in Aarhus at every price level. The cheapest ones are Lidl, Aldi, Netto, Rema1000; the shops with mid-level prices are Fakta, Kvickly; pretty expensive, but good ones are for example Føtex. Føtex has everything – a pair of socks, if you are in urgent need, cleaning stuff, books, paint brushes, colours, fresh vegetables, a lot of different food and much more. If you need some funny and cosy décor for your room or a charger for your phone got broken – Flying tiger Copenhagen is the place to go.

If you are cooking-inspired person searching for new recipes, try the kptncook.com (app). There you get 3 new recipes for quick-cooking every day. You can find recipes from vegan to fish and meat dishes, cow-carb and other different variations of delicious cooking. The day recipes are available for 24 hours so that the app provides you with new recipes every day, but of course, you can save them in your favourites.

My personal favourite app is TooGoodTooGo. There you can save different kinds of food in your local supermarket from been thrown away, get some fancy high-quality food from the restaurants downtown at the end of the day, a huge bag filled with bread baked in a bakery and delicious pastries and even get some plants and flowers for your balcony! I think it is an amazing experience, you get surprised with your “magic bag” and at the same time save the meal from being wasted and do something good for the environment!

blog toogoodtogo

If you have to be quarantined and live alone, there is also a solution! For example you can order food and daily supplies in some online-supermarkets like nemlig.com and bilkatogo.dk. Food delivery services like Wolt have a good offer for the first order, the delivery itself costs pretty much, but once in awhile it’s a nice change from the every-day-cooking routine and just worth it.


You are bored? Start to learn Danish!

To prevent the boringness you can start learning Danish (if haven’t already started yet;) ). There are some language learning apps for your phone, but if you really want to start speaking Danish, I would strongly recommend signing up for a language school. During corona every school offered online-classes, there are many different language schools in Aarhus and there surely would be the right offer exactly for your needs! The good thing about it – since august 2020 the language courses become free of charge again!

After you received your CPR-number, you can also register online in the library and use many different online offers, have a look here: http://www.aakb.dk/e-materialer. You can also find some Danish series on Netflix, for example “Dicte” was even filmed in Aarhus. It’s a nice detective story and you can decide if you want to watch it with English or Danish subtitles J

To look up some words, the best Danish dictionary, in my opinion, is ordbogen.com. To use this dictionary on your computer you have to sign in with your university-ID every time, that is a bit annoying. If you already have a quite high level of Danish, you can use Den Danske Ordbog, where the words are not translated to another language, but explained in Danish with some examples: https://ordnet.dk/ddo.

The beginning of a “new life” in a new country is never easy. But don’t be worried, after the first couple of weeks things would be more normal and even get to routine. Furthermore, the university and Studenterhus offer a lot of opportunities to connect with others, who are in the same situation as you! The life in Aarhus is just wonderful and you can look forward to all the new experiences and adventures, waiting to for you in this pretty student town!

About the writer of this post:

My name is Vera and I am a medical student from the University Heidelberg (Germany). I came to Aarhus for an exchange semester and immediately felt in love with the city, the way of teaching with a lot of praxis and student autonomy, great amount of time for self-study and a quite unusual way of learning for me as a study group. These are some of the reasons why I prolonged my stay for one additional semester and I am very happy with that! I am sure you will be inspired by your study experience in Aarhus as well and will have a great unforgettable time!”


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