Ingerslev Boulevard

Happy Spring, everyone! And no, I’m not early. In fact, I’m late because Denmark follows the meteorological calendar, meaning spring started on March 1. Of course, it doesn’t look a whole lot like spring outside… View from the Library

I’m loving the snow, but I am also looking forward to warmer weather. Spring means a better selection of fresh produce, especially at the Ingerslev Boulevard open-air market, which is one of my happy places here in Aarhus. The piles of colorful fruits and vegetables are an antidote to the sterile, cello-wrapped selection at most grocery stores. 

The most popular stalls are the ones that sell seafood. People line up to get a paper plate with hot fiskefrikadeller and a big blop of homemade remoulade. There are butchers and cheese mongers with big, impressive displays, but there are also small, specialized vendors, like the guy who sells lamb meat and skins and the sweet couple with the most amazing freshly milled flours.

There are also flowers everywhere. In the winter there were beautiful Christmas wreaths, at the beginning of February there were Fastelavnsris, and now there are tulips and daffodils.

The market is every Wednesday and Saturday from 8am-2pm, south of the train station in Frederiksbjerg.

Ingerslev Map

About the author: Phoebe is a Californian who fell in love with Denmark and decided to come back by any means necessary. Currently, those means include studying for an M. A. in Linguistics. 

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