What to pack for your trip to Aarhus

Hi guys,

I’m Kim Nhan. I’m studying Finance and International Business here at Aarhus University. I’m from Vietnam, but I did my bachelor in Singapore and now I’m here in Aarhus.

Hope you all are enjoying summer in wherever you are 🙂 Over here in Aarhus, the sun is shining, sky is in its best shade of blue, and the wind is still blowing as usual 🙂

For upcoming students, I believe this is the time when you are preparing for your study in Denmark. Maybe some of you are still wondering what need to bring and whether you already have everything that you need. (I went through this and totally understand the feeling of “oh, I want to pack this and this and that as well…” 😉 ).

Let’s face the fact: our luggage is limited and our budget for post-arrival shopping might be limited, too. Therefore, I have summarized some must-have stuff in this video (see on the AU-Facebook-page) based on my experience. Hope it could help you somehow 🙂

Study abroad is no doubt one of the most exciting experience that you may have as a student. You are going to meet a lot of new friends, travel to places that you have never been to, experience new things, and have lots of fun! However, being abroad also means that you are away from home, live in a place of which the culture might be different (or completely different) from where you are from. Therefore, an open mind and willingness to learn, to respect and to accept other cultures will make your journey even more enjoyable. Do bring them along, yea!

Kim Nhan

Have a safe trip & I will see you here in Aarhus! Vi ses!

P.S. Follow me on Tumblr at Kimmy’s Journey for more updates on my experience as a student here in Denmark J You are welcomed to ask me any questions on this platform, too 😉

Cheers from sunny Aarhus,

Kim Nhan


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