Deadlines schmedlines OR I’m a big procrastinator


This blog hasn’t seen any love in quite some time. There’s no one to blame but myself…. and my wicked, wicked procrastination on many levels of my life. Now more than ever, I’m working on getting my life back on track (which track? who knows but ANY track would be nice!). My planner has deadline fever and seeing as how it’s Monday…. and gray… and Denmark, my procrastination levels today seem to be off the charts!

I wrote an entry a few months ago about productivity. I think I need to go have a look at that. My thesis supervisor would highly appreciate me becoming more productive and meeting those deadlines we discussed two months ago. Unfortunately, my life has some more “important” things to attend to (like previously mentioned thesis deadlines) so I can’t really give much of an update since my last entry. It would be a typical one though for an international student:

  • Studied
  • Exams
  • Christmas in Denmark
    • Delicious food
    • Waistline growing/Pants getting smaller
    • Creepy dancing around the Christmas tree and singing
  • Vacation
  • A new semester
  • The thesis life

Or something like that. Perhaps I can touch more upon some of those topics over the next months. But as part of getting life on track, this blog is included (Yay!) so be prepared to have your life filled with my digital presence again! Rejoice!

So now back to working on my thesis. But for now I think I’ll just sip this coffee and stare around the room a bit more. You know it’s amazing what you notice when you’ve got other things to do…

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