Rain and productivity: Is there really a better result?

It is a rainy Saturday here in Aarhus and much of my day has felt a little like this:


It got me thinking about productivity and the rain. Supposedly productivity increases as sunny weather decreases, if anything based on the fact that there is less to do outside and less to distract you from getting your work done. I will argue, though, that the studies that prove this are NOT based on students in Denmark who are researching for their thesis. Doesn’t it just sound so much better to catch up on your favorite television show and stay warm in bed than get up and go to the library and end up soaking wet and cold and working on research? Yes, it does sound better… but then things will never get done. Oh the life…

At least I can feel productive that I finished this blog entry though. Take that, productivity!

Me: 1
Productivity: Too high of a score but ONE LESS because I got this done!

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