The most awesome time of the year combined with the most stressful: fall in Denmark

It’s amazing how, at the beginning of the semester, you can tell yourself that you’re going to have your life under control and now, one month in, it feels like you’re trapped under a pile of books and no one can hear you scream except more books who just come and pile on top of the already massive pile leaving you to die in your own dark grave consumed with the smell of stinky, rotting library books!

Okay – perhaps an exaggeration but damn the semester can really creep up on you! Thank the heavens Fall Break has started and there are no reading assignments or work to be done…………except that whole pesky thing of catching up with everything from the past month and the readings and assignments you have to do for when Fall Break is over. This whole tune sounds so familiar – you’d think I’d learn! Anyway, regardless of the massive amounts of work that you may or may not be having this semester, I like to think that this time of year here in Denmark is not only the most awesome, but also the most stressful.

Why it is the most awesome:

ISN’T DENMARK AWESOME IN THE FALL?! The colors, man…. THE COLORS! When I first moved to Denmark, I have to admit that I was generally “eh” about fall here. Fall at home had so many more reds, browns, and oranges. Then, suddenly, it was a really gray day (something relatively normal here in Denmark starting around now – PREPARE THYSELF), and the colors just popped off the trees. It was amazing. And as beautiful as it is, what makes it bittersweet is that you KNOW the darkness of winter is coming. If I had to complain, I would say that fall here is so quick. From one day to the next the leaves go from summer green to yellow and falling off. All the more reason to get out and enjoy it! I highly recommend a trip to Risskov to enjoy the beauty that Aarhus has to offer. You won’t regret that!

Efterår i Risskov
Fall in Risskov – Seriously stunning!

Why it is the most stressful:

My body is still 100% in summer mode. Sleeping in, watching TV, putting off readings until later (aka the morning of class when I have to skim through the articles). On top of that, there are so many decisions that need to be made in the Autumn Semester for the rest of the year! On top of readings for this semester, 1st semester students need to decide if they want to prepare an application for studying abroad; 3rd semester students should be starting work on their thesis (or at least gathering literature and ideas) and also planning for the future of what life will be like after their master’s program here at AU. On to a PhD? Don’t forget deadlines! Decisions, decisions.

Regardless, sometimes getting out to enjoy Aarhus and take a walk through Risskov (or anywhere for that matter!) can really help you focus and deal with the stress of the semester. So perhaps the stressfulness and the awesomeness go hand-in-hand… Denmark is a pretty awesome place of contradictions, after all!

With that said – back to the grind of reading and writing, writing and reading. Happy Fall Break to all you international full degreers out there! I’m hoping to try to get some guest blog entries in over the next week so if you’re a full degree student and interested in writing an entry about your life at Aarhus University, feel free to contact me here through the blog and we can set something up!

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