Nerdy humor and help with exam writing


Lame, I know. But make sure you’ve got some reliable “sauces” for your exam papers! Ever find a site after you’ve written a paper/are about to hand a paper in and thing “dang if only I’d known about that before….”? Here are some great study/writing sites that I like to use while hammering out an exam paper I’ve waited too long to start on:

  • Study Metro – Yes, I know it’s also for studying. But sometimes it can really help with writing too. Follow the metro lines!
  • Scribo – Scribo is an interactive tool that helps you build up information for research paper writing. It’s a great way to help you organize your thoughts when the only thing you want to do is pull your hair out.
  • Zotero – this is an awesome site/plug-in that will help you organize and cite sources. It will save you so much time. Alternatively, there is RefWorks (free when you sign up through the State Library page) which is awesome because you can download citation information directly from the State Library page and have to do almost no work on your bibliography other than hit the “export” button.
  • Google Scholar – I don’t think there’s much explanation needed for this one. It’s a great alternative to the State Library site when searching for resources and material.
  • GetPocket – Now, if I would just sync my bookmarks from my phone to my computer to my cloud or whatever else, I wouldn’t have a need for this app. But truth be told, I feel like a mess when trying to figure all that out so I would prefer something like GetPocket, where I can save sites, videos, etc for later if I find them and don’t have time to read through entirely.
  • Yellow Highlighter Pen Chrome Extension – if you use Chrome, here is a nice little tool that allows you to highlight and save certain parts of webpages and add some notes. Ever have a spot in a webpage that you know you want to come back to but you just bookmark the site thinking you’ll know where it is? This should be able to help you out!

Those are just a few that I find useful and I’m sure there are a million more that I’d love to know about! So now… enough procrastinating! Back to paper writing…. after I go make some more coffee.

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