Figuring out the rest of your life (or just the 3rd semester)…

It’s hard to believe that the time has come already to register for the 3rd semester. Now, to be honest, I’ve been dreading this for the past couple months because, well… I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO! Decisions are freakin’ hard when you’re as indecisive as me! Everyone keeps asking me what I want to do for my third semester and my reaction is always:

Please don’t make me make hard decisions!

So it’s like this – I have a couple options as a full degree student in Arts (and I’m sorry for those of you in other faculties who don’t have the same options/have different procedures). My options are:

  • Study abroad (missed the deadline for applying for funding so this option is out for the fall)
  • Take classes at AU
  • Intern somewhere in Denmark
  • Field Work

I’ve ruled out taking classes simply because the profile courses don’t fit what I’d really like to do. I have the option of choosing any class and creating my own profile (since I don’t speak Danish and profile courses are limited), but after searching the Course Catalogue, I didn’t really find anything that fits. So I’m left with interning or field work. And though I’ve narrowed the list down to just two options, these two options involve a lot of thinking and things to consider and the searching for the meaning of life!

There is a lovely registration reminder on the Arts portal (though not as cool as the Danish one with a countdown and the option to chat with someone about questions… but that’s the international student life here, eh?) where you can find links to the different profile courses and email addresses to the Study Centre. The links to the left also have information about field work and internships and other teaching options for students in the Faculty of Arts. If you’re not in Arts, I highly recommend looking on your study portal for your faculty to find more information and if you can’t find anything there, PLEASE go talk to a study counsellor before it’s too late because I’m pretty sure the process of applying after the deadline is tedious and unnecessary (especially when exams are coming up too). Remember the deadline is May 15th so grab something cold on this awesomely sunny day, sit down and browse the sites, write a few mails and figure yo’ stuff out!

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