Coffee Sessions at IC

I want to take this moment to offer a sort of “IC Sponsored” post and it’s for something that I really think can help international full degree students here at AU. International full degree students are in an interesting position within the administration of Aarhus University. Although we are, in essence, international students (people who are students coming from countries other than Denmark), we’re not seen as them to the University administration. International students, for the most part, are exchange students. We as full degree students are, for better or for worse, viewed equal to Danes. And this is where it starts to get complicated…

This can cause a couple of problems. For example, since we are viewed equal to Danes, we’re entitled to go to everything that is put together for them. Problem being… it will be in Danish. Now, sometimes the University is nice and will create two versions of something – for example, a meeting in Danish and one in English on a different day. But that isn’t always the case. And I actually find that isn’t always the case when it comes to many practical things related to student life (internships, sessions on dealing with dress, etc etc etc). The portal that has information for exams in History, for example, has no information in English. I’m in a program called INTERNATIONAL and GLOBAL history. Where classes are all in English. Shouldn’t it kind of come with the territory that an English section of the site is offered as well when giving information about exams?!?

The International Centre organizes something called “Coffee Sessions at IC” and the next one is coming up tomorrow, April 30th from 14:30-16:00. So to get the little “promo spiel” out of the way… Coffee Sessions at IC are offered on a monthly basis in order to help international full degree students make the most of their time at Aarhus University and are organised based on suggestions made by international full degree students themselves. Coffee Sessions at IC are free for full degree students at Aarhus University and are an informal setting to pose questions and find answers regarding international full degree student life. Along with the workshop, students are also offered free coffee and cake and a setting where they can voice their opinion freely amongst their peers.

The Coffee Session Motto
The Coffee Session Motto

Whew. Now that that’s done… the thing is this: Coffee Sessions really are there to help. It’s put on BY international full degree students FOR international full degree students. You would be surprised how many mails I get asking questions about some of the issued covered in Coffee Sessions and see that the person mailing didn’t bother to attend after signing up for the event (not even for the free coffee and cake). Ever feel that you are getting the short end of the stick at AU? This is place for you then. Come discuss with us and fill out a survey to let us know what you’d like to see us present at Coffee Sessions!

The Coffee Session tomorrow will take a deeper look into student health and welfare and student councelling services in order to help students deal with stress while at university. Feeling stressed and don’t know what to do… this is the session for you! The session will feature discussions with Student Chaplain Elisa Morberg Wejse and Marianne Vinter from Student Counselling Services. We will also have a student counsellor there to talk about the help you can get from the student counsellors in your department. The idea of this month’s session is to make students aware of services available to them through Aarhus University.

These cats also love Coffee Sessions at IC. Join them!

So are you interested in coming? You can read more about it here, but basically, here are the details:

What: April’s Coffee Sessions at IC
When: Tuesday, April 30th (tomorrow!!) from 14:30-16:00
Where: Dale’s Café at the IC
Who: International full degree students
Why: To help create a better AU experience & inform international full degree students of services they might not know about.
How: There is no need for a how – we’re gangsta that’s how!
Price: FREE, all you have to do is sign up at this webshop

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