Bob Dylan once wrote “The times, they are a-changin.”

Now that things have calmed a little, I will give a little introduction to myself, as the hey you, AU blog is going through a little change. Now that Jessica has gone off to join the adults in that thing called “real life”, I’m left as the last student assistant standing to take over as the International Extraordinaire. There are quite big shoes to fill, I have to admit, as Jessica and Marcia really made this blog their baby (yikes! not in a creepy way though…. or maybe so?), so I will try my best to keep the momentum of this blog going and bring an unedited, honest view of life as an international full degree student in Denmark to the blog-o-sphere.

So with all that being said…

Hi! I’m Michael. I’m an international full degree student in International and Global History. I actually moved to Denmark to study Journalism with the Erasmus Mundus Journalism master but realized halfway through that the program wasn’t really for me. I was a little hooked on Denmark, so I found another program at Aarhus University that fit my liking better and so now here I am. I’m from a small (er well.. used to be small) town in Ohio, studied in Munich, Germany twice through exchange and am slowly realizing (after almost 2 years here) that Denmark is my current home…no matter how many times I try to get away. I find Denmark a very funny place (funNY, not always fun – please note the difference) as I think often that Danes believe they are the USA’s 51st state. That leads for interesting conversations both with Danes and non-Danes and ever more interesting feelings while trying to settle in this tiny, yet oxymoronically huge, country. More about that later though, I guess.

My attempts with hey you, AU will really be to kind of update you on full degree student life. I would argue that since Marcia and Jessica started this blog, things for international full degree students have gotten better. But I would be hard pressed to say that things for us are great. There’s still a long way to go and hopefully, with the help of you followers, we can make that happen over the next year that I’ve “taken over” this blog. </end inspirational speech that change is coming!> Speaking of taking over, I also run a little baking blog called Klappe kage, where you can find some tips on baking Danish delights. I also tweet about life in Aarhus with the username @wmwdwrd, so follow me there for more shenanigans. I’m also on Instagram and, and, and…. I’m everywhere!

I will own the interwebz!

Back on track… along with posting about full degree student life, I will try to throw in some tips for newcomers to Aarhus or for those looking to make their way to Denmark somewhere down the line as well. I’ll do my best to leave out the “sponsored” International Centre postings, though one or two might show up if I think they’re something that full degree students could really benefit from.

So summing up: I’m Michael. MA in History. Comment and join the conversation about full degree student life. Look forward to gifs of Beyonce and fabulous black women. Vi ses.

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