Autumn is here and it blows

One morning not too long ago, I woke up, made my way out the door, and thought, “Huh, it’s actually kinda nice weather today.” This was the moment I realized that I had been in Denmark wayyyy too long. What made this particular day a “nice day” was that it wasn’t completely pissing rain and it was only cold enough that you’d need a light sweater. It was still windy, but hey, that’s a given constant.

Long gone are the days when nice weather meant reading on the beach or having cocktails in the warm rays of the sun. I’m slowly morphing into a Dane. I’m slowly lowering my expectations towards everything. I will be happy, happy, happy like all the happy Danes one day soon.

For example, I can be happy that next week is the Efterårsferie, or autumn holiday, so there are no classes (although your professors will probably still assign you stuff). Formerly known as the Potato Holiday, this was the week when children would get pulled out of school in order to help with the potato harvest. Now, it is the only holiday during the autumn semester and we don’t have to harvest potatoes, so that’s already a major win for us all. However, be prepared for the swarms of young school children that will coat the town. They’re coming! And after this holiday is over, be prepared to hunker down and work until the winter break. My lowered expectations tell me that this long trench of schoolwork with no break isn’t such a bad thing when the only thing you’ll be able to do come winter is stay indoors and cry in the dark anyway!

The point of this post wasn’t just to show off my newly found Danishization, but also to let you know that the International Extraordinaire is still around and not sitting idle. There is a post in the works right now that will finally give a local Dane the chance to strike back after all this time of poking fun at his culture   He’ll be sharing his experiences as a Dane who hangs out with mostly international students. Check back soon and catch you some Danishness!

In the meantime, you should start buying some winter coats, wool socks, scarves and the like. Why? ….Because….

This never gets old. Never, I say!!

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