Favorite Hang outs

Hello and welcome to all the new full degree students trickling into this city from all parts of the world! In honor of your arrival, the International Extraordinaire thought we’d give you a handy little list that you won’t find in any arrival guide.

When the International Extraordinaire isn’t sitting at a hand-carved oak desk, chain-smoking cigarettes and sipping espresso like fancy people, we’re letting our hair down and cutting a rug at many of the fine establishments here in Aarhus.

  • Headquarters, also known has HQ – go here for a laid back vibe and moderately priced drinks. They also have small concerts and theme nights every week (Motown night, my funky people??).
  • Herr Bartels – Every Wednesday and Thursday is 2 for 1 cocktail and “bad ass hip hop,” which means you will see the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s grinning face on all the screens in the joint.
  • Gbar – for fabulous dancing and fabulous people. What happens in Gbar—will be posted on Facebook and make you virtually unemployable.
  • Lynfabrikken – This almost-hipster, gallery-cum-cafe offers caffeinated beverages until 6pm and has an awesome rooftop for those 3 days a year when the weather is actually on your side. Whilst not a bar, it’s great for getting through the  hangover from the night before.
  • Café Under Masken – for the artistically inclined, this theatrically themed bar has a giant fishtank along one wall, including a giant eel. What else could one possibly need?!
  • Ris Ras – This super chilled bar channels the exotic (as much as DK ever can) with hookah pipes, mis-matched furniture and a general hippy-oriental vibe. Get your free love on.
  • Tir na nÓg – it’s an Irish pub. Need I say more? I do? Ok then: karaoke, pub quizzes, cider.
  • Train – both a nightclub and a concert hall, be sure to check out their calendar and you just might score yourself tickets to some big names (or not as big, but equally great names) in music.
  • Sigfreds Kaffebar – Browse through the collection of rare books and then take a seat in their cozy cafe to have one of the best espressos in town.
  • Løve’s Bog og Vin Cafe – A classy joint, no doubt, with a great selection of wine and books. Although the prices aren’t exactly student friendly, it’s sometimes worth it to pay for the relaxed atmosphere.  The best part? If you buy a book, you get a free cup of coffee!

So there you have it: A quick go-to list of some of the hyggeligste places in Aarhus. These are, of course, according to our taste, but not to worry, there is something for everyone in Aarhus. If you’re more into the swanky, upscale places, you’ll just have to ask a friendly nearby Dane.

At Løve’s Bog og Vin – skål!

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