Cycling in Denmark – Yeah, it’s real

Image taken from the Ecocentric blog; MARIE HALD / AFP / GETTY IMAGES

This article on the Time’s Ecocentric blog recently popped up on my Facebook newsfeed and caught my attention. I mean, it’s not everyday that Denmark makes it into the news without it being some average piece on politics or business. This time, it seems like Denmark’s penchant for cycling has yet again made world news!

The article right here says that the improved bike paths, or “bicycle superhighway” as it was called, in Copenhagen have shown that it IS possible to cut down car traffic in an urban area by encouraging cycling. As a result, there is now a concept called “Copenhagenization.” After I rolled my eyes at this name so hard that I saw the back of my eye sockets, I continued on to read about how Copenhagenization is now the name for “urban planning centered around making cities less car dependent.” Alright, that’s cool. I can get behind that, seeing as it’s been 2 years since I’ve driven a car and I don’t really know if I remember how anymore.

The Copenhagenize website claims that Aarhus, despite the many drunk cyclists you see weaving their way back home after a night out, lags a bit behind, but I suspect they just made that up to make us look bad (just kidding. But no, really, I wouldn’t put it past their regionalist pride >_> (just kidding again…)).

I do have to admit that a photographer from Copenhagen has this amazing blog and I’ve been following for years now. It’s called Cycle Chic and its objective is just that: to cycle chic and capture it with awesome urban photography! My fave is their bicycles and high heels tag, because shoes.

I always thought it’d be cool if someone, coughcough, would start an Aarhus version of Cycle Chic. Maybe it will happen some day, but either way, my challenge to the new full degree students coming to Aarhus this coming month is: Cycle and cycle chic! And I triple-dog-dare you to start!

If all else fails, there’s always the tested method of walking! Or ponies. There’s always ponies.

It’s not a Walk of Shame, if it counts as exercise!
These ponies suck. I want a unicorn.
No, Bronies. Not this kind of pony.

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