Spring fever (I cling to it still)

So this spring, I ended up going to Fyn to attend my first ever Danish Confirmation. Ya know, that’s when everyone decides that you are now a grown up in the eyes of God, but it’s more like you get to collect loads of expensive gifts and cash (oh, baby, the cash!) from your relatives and friends. It was the usual ritual for any Danish gathering. A shit load of food, cake, sweets, coffee, soda, and beer all in procession, interrupted only by small breaks to sing a song and skål!

It was also my first time in Fyn and I have to say that my first impressions were good. It looked so very lovely (and probably so very boring to live there, but to each their own…) and I definitely lucked out with the good weather. If I have a piece of advice for incoming full degree students, it’s to make friends with Danes. Hah! I know, easier said than done. But after you accomplish that, you will probably get more chances to see more of Denmark than just Aarhus and Copenhagen if you invite yourself over to their parents’ homes. Just saying.

Well, the sun is peeking through some rain clouds today, so in that spirit, let’s get our spring/summer on.

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