Eurovision Denmark 2012

It feels like just yesterday that I was reluctantly watching Eurovision 2011. I was left baffled by the loads of horrible pop music and even more horrifying costumes (hair should NOT be that tall!). Last year, Denmark’s representative performers were A Friend in London. They were the whole package: happy and upbeat music, handsome faces, blonde hair, fit bodies…and well-applied eyeliner? Alas, they made it to the finals only to be side-tackled by an unexpected winner, Azerbaijan.

Well, this year, I’m actually looking forward to the Danish performer for Eurovision 2012, Soluna Samay with her song Should’ve Known Better.
I mean, it’s still pop and it will still make you want to stab your ear drums with a hot spoon after they’ve played it over 1000 times on the radio and television. And sure, Soluna could use a heavy duty, steel-tipped hairbrush in the video below.
But hey, at least it’s not Burhan G. (Please watch at your own risk. We are not responsible for any spontaneous vomiting that may occur)

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