Kapsejlads 2012!

Trust AU to come up with a sporting event that lasts all day and revolves heavily around drinking, athleticism and occasional nudity! Today is Kapsejlads 2012 and if you are in Aarhus on this fine sunny day* you must make sure to check it out! Around 12,000 people have descended upon the University park to watch a variety of a different departments race across the lake in a very different take on the traditional English Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race. The event has already begun and lasts all day, with performances, skits, naked races and more before the actual racing begins later this afternoon!

If you want a visual representation of what exactly is happening, then check it out here.

*I wouldn’t know because I’m still in Estonia doing 6 hours of jail torture classes today. However, Tartu University has just had a whole week of student activities called Student Days (nothing like going for the obvious there), and on May Day they had their very own version of Kapsejlads!

That lesser known moment in history: nuns versus the titanic

Instead of the classic strippers at the AU Kapsejlads, they had nuns.

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