How to celebrate Easter like a Dane

For those of you who are stuck in Denmark for the spring holidays, I’m here to bring you some cultural enlightenment. If you’re gonna do Easter in Denmark, let’s do it right. If you have the following elements, you’ll be doing your host country proud. *a Danish flag waves majestically in the wind*

1) Påskeøl – EASTER BEER

You’ve heard of Christmas Lunch and, more importantly, Christmas beer, right? Well, that was just Round One. Get ready for the Second Coming…of drunkeness. A Danish holiday just isn’t complete without copious amounts of alcohol and a drunk uncle asking you for the 37th time why the hell you decided to study THAT at university.

2) Lamb

Lots and lots of precious, fluffy baby lamb on my plate, please!

3) Gækkebrev – kind of like a Valentine’s card, but for Easter…

It’s basically just another way for Danish kids to con their grandparents out of more chocolate. Send someone this cut-out card with a riddle on it and if they can’t guess it’s from you, they have to dish out Easter treats. Here’s an example in video form brought to you by (apparently, Denmark’s a web entity now, besides being a country).

4) Påskeæg – Easter eggs

According to ancient Norse mythology, a bunny and a duck hooked up after a long, blurry escapade at the local tavern’s Disco Night. Nine months later, there were chocolatey, nougaty, marzipan-filled Easter eggs. Because the Easter bunny’s a no-good scrub and refused to pay child support, he dumped the eggs on random door steps. Every year, we commemorate this night by giving friends and family delicious, but confusing, chocolate Easter eggs.

5) More Beer. Because it’s Denmark.

So, now that you’re thoroughly prepared for Easter all thanks to the International Extraordinaire, the only thing left to do is show us your undying loyalty and gratitude by sending us Easter chocolate. And what the heck, send some of those gækkebreve to us while you’re at it.  beer. Just send us beer.

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