Fastelavn er mit navn!

Woot, woot! The kid in me is excited about Fastelavn today!!

The fat kid in me is especially excited about the excuse to eat delicious buns filled with custard and topped with sugary icing and/or cream… *drools*

But anyway, that’s not exactly what the festivities are about. What it’s really about is hitting a barrel with a cat trapped inside – but don’t worry! They don’t use real cats anymore…instead they use candy! Much better than cat guts flying everywhere, I’d say.

Except, that’s also not what it’s really about. I’m told by the Dane sitting next to me that it’s a Catholic thing, like Carnival, except now it’s less Catholic-y and more Halloween-eat-sweets-til-you-pass-out.

He kept going on and on about the socio-historical changes in Danish society after the Reformation, but it’s really hard to hear over my own chewing.


Empty plates make me sad 😦

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