Exams, they cometh with the fury of fire and brimstone!!

Yes, exams are looming in the near future and taking over our lives. You can see the growing panic in the eyes of the students, smell the desperation oozing from their pores as they sprawl their bodies across the library floors and lament why they put off so much reading.

At least that’s how I prepare for my exams…

Whatever your individual exam preparation methods may be, I can bet that if you are a new international full degree at AU you have other worries on top of the usual oh-shit-i-should-have-studied-more. For example, do you have to take an oral exam at some point in your AU career? Most likely yes and as you may have already noticed the Danes are wonderful oratorical performers. Why? Their education system has given them years of practice. So not fair! If you come from an academic culture that has no use for oral exams, you can see that you might be at a slight disadvantage.

Other academic/cultural differences may be subtler. Even if you are writing a take-home assignment and are confident in your ability to weave a phenomenal essay filled with brilliant analysis, the fact remains that lecturers and professors in Denmark have different expectations of what a “good” paper should look like. Let me lay out another example:

In academic papers, a student from the U.S. is trained (i.e., brainwashed) to always write in the active voice, rather than the passive and to keep the sentences short and concise. A student from the U.K., on the other hand, might be more “flowery” with their words and through the use of various semicolons, commas, colons, and more semicolons, let their sentence run on for half a page before deciding to put down a period.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but I’m trying to make a point here. We all come from different cultures that have various ways of conveying knowledge and this is bound to be a small obstacle for some of us.

This brings me to the whole damn point of this post:

The International Center, in cooperation with academics at AU, set up a workshop just for us full degree students! You may have been bombarded with this information already, but to put it frankly, not enough people are signing up for this workshop and we honestly don’t understand why. As a result, the deadline has been extended until tomorrow, so there is still time to sign up!

The two workshops, each on the 23rd and 24th of November from 3 pm – 6 pm, will offer FREE assistance on exams. This isn’t just a webpage loaded with FAQ’s. This is face-to-face time with academics at AU, as well as fellow international full degree students, and the opportunity to pelt them with questions and get direct answers. What do you have to lose?

Sign up here for the 23rd of November.

Sign up here for the 24th of November.

In the meantime, if you need me I will just be sitting in this corner losing my mind. All my exam and work deadlines have to be met before Christmas, you say? Challenge accepted!!

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