How to feel a bit more awesome by knowing everything is going to be ok in Denmark

Shhhhh! How the Danes secretly feel

Dearest full degreers,

Yes, you saw. I have officially termed us as “full degreers”. It makes us sounds like a band of comic book heroes – or possibly a 70s family music group – and I think this is personally awesome because comic book heroes survive the smallest of odds and scrape through the trickiest of situations. And this is you – I promise! It might take some time to get used to how things are in Denmark and Aarhus University, but once you do get to grips with it (and that happens remarkably quickly), it’s great. For example, if you have just arrived for your studies, you probably still have no idea what a CPR number is, or what it does. But once that magical little yellow card arrives at your door, it is like the heavens have opened and are shining a great light upon you that says “you belong”! These small steps are milestones towards intergrating with the Danes and as you cross them off your to-do list, one by one, you will discover something awesome about Danish culture: celebrate everything with a beer!

And of course, celebrate with “hygge”.

Look! This was me just a week into my arrival in DK, and look how happy I was! Nothing whatsoever to do with being in a giant inflatable colourful play pen!

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