Velkommen newcomers: read me first!

Well hello there to all current and future international students studying for a full degree at Aarhus University!

It was on a strange summer day that the lovely Marcia Allison and myself, Jessica Navarro, cooked up the idea to create an online space especially for full degree students. Mostly, we were tired of making friends with exchange students only to have them rip our hearts out by leaving after just a semester…

But this is not the full story. Gossiping around the coffee machine where we are employed as student assistants at the International Centre, the same topic of conversation came up time and time again: that full degree students have different needs than exchange students. So we decided that it was the time for a place just for us few: us happy few, us band of full degrees! And so here we are! It’s no secret that the Danish culture can be difficult sometimes for international students. Although the expectation of self-reliance is tough, don’t stress out too much, for we are here to show you that you are not alone. Whether you want to complain/whine/rant/vent/ugly cry/laugh and everything in between, we got you covered.

This blog is here so we can help each other cope with the cultural and academic differences. With the addition of the resources available to Marcia and I, we want to lend a hand to our fellow full degrees. This blog will document our own joys and tribulations as we claw our way through our own studies, while providing honest advice through dedicated posts to those issues most pressing to a full degree student at AU. Most importantly, this is an interactive platform, so we want to be an international haven for full degree students who are interested in meeting other full degree students and sharing their similar experiences and woes.

So don’t be afraid to write any comments or questions either on the blog posts or via the email address posted on the sidebar, whether it’s to say hello, to ask for advice, or just to complain about the infamous Danish weather!


Marcia and Jess

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